Mar. 2nd, 2016

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Walking Dead 6.10-11

They're switching targets from Hobbes to Burke. Violence creates ownership creates permanent war pretending it's peace. Note the parallel acts by Rick and Maggie: since you attacked first I can end an ambiguously murderous standoff by killing you; since you sought to take too much of what I had I can demand as much from you plus one more thing. A race to an unfindable bottom. Where life is priced it is not precious. Deals presuppose there are two parties. "A price to be paid." Babies don't help, since when you see yourself as extending indefinitely in time generationally it multiplies your sense of your share (a multiplier you forget to apply to others).

Not sure if that means they'll dodge what's looking obvious: that this is a big trap. Jesus' words were ambiguous about the leader, re. whether he's his reluctant right hand man or instead an agent of Negan's. He sure liked the Queen of Spades picture. Something about luck? He's weird. I hope they're not using him to represent some aspect of religion, or how it's supposed to soften capitalism but gets dragged along after it or whatever. I'm kind of burnt out from The Leftovers.

Is the show bad now? Its pacing seems very strange. It's going for some kind of pre-Jaws-music silence, I guess?


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