Apr. 4th, 2016

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"The interesting people all turned out to be merely crazy and it turned out there were only seven kinds of crazy - the rest being mixtures. The things the sane people said and did each resolved into a fairly predictable situational expression of one of the five major phases of a single lifelong pursuit. The scientists spent their lives arguing about loose fibers at the edge of a child's laminated place mat's-worth of easily digested blatant facts, knowledge that had only taken eons to accumulate because our single lifelong pursuit is not knowledge. Knowledge has not aided the enjoyment of the pursuit. It makes it hard to forget the existence of the other phases, no one of which is tolerable once you truly believe there could ever be another. Death, which makes it hard to plan out a lifetime and even harder to want to, turns to ash every line of inquiry that touches it - and all touch it more promptly than you could imagine, because your imagination is terrible. It's not at all what it pretends to be. Just look at who you thought were the interesting people, who are crazy, where crazy only means both wrong and not able to listen, than which nothing could be more boring."

"You're just young. Before the '90s the world itself was our internet. I don't just mean libraries, either. You could meet someone on a bus in the morning then and by - "

"Due respect, I don't want to hear about your '90s."


"Same difference."

"Okay. Well. It's nice to be sitting here with you, anyway, whatever you think. You can't be too unhappy since you're dressed up so nice for your night or what have you. What's your perfume there?"

"It's called Fundamental Attribution Error."

"It isn't. Is it?"

"It's Chanel."

"It's not. No way."

"They're all Chanel."

"Well. Heavens."

"I should go."

"You haven't gone."

"Why is that?"

"Maybe you're not in the phase you think you are."

"I will be soon enough."

"A point may come a bit after that that you don't know what-all phase you're in, or ever were. Maybe that all goes out the window now and then. Or stays out. And maybe when it does that doesn't prove to be so bad."

"That's number five."


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