Jul. 13th, 2016

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I'm convinced they'll kick me out of the program before each new committee meeting but they keep not doing that. I don't even get warnings, just a bit of mild-mannered confusion at my ... whatever it is I'm doing.

There were two occurrences just prior to today's that I'd have read as portents if I knew how to do that.

A college girl was sitting against a building reading by where I was stopped in traffic. I looked over to see what the book was. She wore no underwear.

Walking to the relevant building through a garden-y area a little black squirrel hopped right in front of me. The walkway was fenced in and I couldn't go around, so we just looked at each other. Then it got up onto a stone about three feet from my face and lay down on its belly, still staring up. I apologized for having to pass it, scrunched as far away from it as I could with my briefcase and water bottle and advanced. It whisked off through the fence and bushes.

Toronto smells different from other places, in July anyway. Hadn't registered that before.

Came home to find Julie Pokemon-Gone. I should have seen that coming. We went to a park so she could wander around with her phone, but parks are apparently creature free.

On the way home we met a cat we at first thought was one of ours, but it was an adolescent and a stray. We all loved it up anyway and then it sauntered off. It seemed a bit skinny but happy enough. And it's not like we can take on any others, was what I was thinking as we got home, right before remembering winter exists. I'll try to keep my eyes open.


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