Nov. 4th, 2016

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Looking at polls led me to looking at the other polls I always look at. Nothing fresh on nonreligion, but gay marriage support and marijuana legalization just recently hit 60. Fucking sixty!

Presumably they're no longer benchmarks for the advance of civilization generally - some polling momentum is gained when 50 is breached, since the people of weak convictions pretty quickly sense there's a new default position and flip to it. But just to see those numbers on the screen is so heartening.

Wonder what benchmarks I should replace them with? Polygamy disapproval is edging down toward 80, so maybe that, but I wouldn't feel much personal investment in tracking it - it doesn't seem like the most pressing civil rights issue. Trans rights support, which has of course rocketed, seems likely to initially fade after the present tv vogue does, so that stat may be too depressing to follow for a few years. Seems likely it will be one of the go-to social issues for Republicans before the 2018 elections, too, so it'll be propagandized downwards as well.

Legalization of heroin? I'm more comfortable with decriminalization for that one, though perhaps I've been propagandized myself. The drug creeps me out.

Prostitution is a bad one to track because the left splits on it. Immigration has been and will be quite jagged. Climate likewise. Muslim tolerance likewise. I want steady gains for calming purposes.

What other terrible opinions can I watch Americans gradually drop. Hmm.


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