Aug. 8th, 2016

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We found, in creating your world, that we were increasingly forced to include aspects of our own. They were what we knew, so they were the easiest solutions when problems came up, and creating a world is nothing but problems. But once enough elements of the real existed, they needed to be accounted for: they became more problems, forcing us to find more solutions, and the best excuses for their features, their behavior were those that had caused them in our own world. The whole point had been to escape from externals, or rather to externalize only what had never been, to make a model our heart's oldest, intensest desires might be painted from. But soon enough it was all almost the same. Only your memory could tell you if you'd put on the glasses a moment past or simply blinked, and we engineers of irrealities went back and forth a few seconds in the simulation so often for testing that few of us kept out bearings anymore. You'd do whatever work was before you, when chronology failed, and the inadequacy of the world left work enough. It was so difficult to improve it without ruining some other attempted improvement a few notches along the adjacency chain. Ceding the calculations to the group mind didn't help, since it never grasped that what we wanted changed. It could give us any universe once, but we'd then be stuck in it. We set firmer limits on our memories to stop being unproductively alarmed about what was now and what was real. We contracted our scope of work to what could be improved within the existing rules of the simulation. When you were born, we found we didn't need to explain any of this. You took it all in stride, as though of this place. It was you who had the advantage, being at home here. We considered returning to our own home just to feel what you felt, since nothing else had ended up much changing, but none of us now could remember how to get back. And anyway it was more interesting to stay and watch you. What you would make of it. What it would make you want to do.
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You attended a fundraiser for Ted Cruz, didn't you?

Did I? Yes, I did! I liked him very much.

What did you guys talk about?

He talked about Glengarry Glen Ross. I said, "Hi, Mr. Cruz, pleasure to meet you." He said, "Oh, I love your work. I've used a lot of the ideas in Glengarry Glen Ross in talking to people while I was governing. In talking about the Senate and politics and all of that stuff."

You're kidding.

No, not all all.

Like which ideas? "Always Be Closing?"

He mentioned that. He mentioned a lot of stuff from the play. The interesting thing to me about Ted Cruz is, everybody that one talks to, they say, "I don't like him," and you say, "Oh, well why?" And they can't tell you.



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