Mar. 18th, 2016

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Lightning only tears what's torn already.

Window children, swear the air is steady.

Tell yourselves it flows all ways at once.

Standstills filter furies of the Months.

Close your eyes to eye-veins in the air.

Stumbling from the house gape-torn behind him on his tear

The teardrop, who's denied to fall straight down,

Obeys the silent sidling cues nudged upward by the ground

Headlong, unbroken till he's caught the one bus out of town

Leaving there the scream his motion drowned.

There's only so many things you have to say.

Weighing what they do, each only says itself one way.
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Dennys < plain Wonder Bread and warm tapwater

Jarrell >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lowell

Jarrell = never great, though never particularly bad; maybe has Aiken's Disease? Though Aiken has his great bits. So rather Williams' Disease? Maybe wish a dash of Ammons Syndrome - trying to not be great as you can tomnot distract from saying everything you mean to.

(When its great poet's hiding herself, a generation picks whoever tics off the most boxes from the list of how it imagines the great poet it deserves to produce would be. War guy, check, imperial history guy, check, guy period, white, authoritative, seems difficult, message simple enough when found, has lots of footnoteable bits thus professor-friendly, attacks self, anguishedly but normatively religious, does both long and short stuff, rhymes but not always, drunk, insane, comparatively handsome, regional, universal because that region's considered normative, leftish but let's not get carried away damn it, wears sweaters, wears glasses. Bam, Lowell. Truman-Eisenhower-Kennedy era wet dream on paper. He's not terrible but he's as bad as anyone everyone tells you is good could possibly be. If I ever say otherwise I've been kidnapped.)

Breaking Bad > The Wire


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