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Two voices in a dream the other night:

One: My cousin's wife is so sad since he died.

Two: Why? He was only a cousin.

Analogous to, maybe influenced by, that sublime Mr. Show companions sketch.
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"I thought 'teetotal' was when you could total up your golf score because you were sober.

It's not?"
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After the two space alien ones during the election, this is the most brilliant This Modern World I've seen:
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"Do you really love me, or are you just too lazy to find a better guy?"

"It's not hard to find a better guy.

"I mean another guy.

"That didn't come out right."
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According to the packaging on the product they show in their ad, ProActiv is made by "Rodan and Fields." Rodan contributes some kind of corrosive fluid, I'm thinking.
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Julie: "Once you put cottage cheese on a baked potato, you're an asshole."
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Something we discovered while sick: ordinary Lipton soup uses 4 cups of water, "Extra Noodles" soup uses 3.
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[Sir John Davies would marvel.]

A Full Plate, by David Clark

Thanksgiving and Christmas are like Siamese twins joined at the hip of the dinner table. These two days are either end of a month long journey.

I like Thanksgiving better because the food and visiting has yet to inspire the possible guilt attending the latter part of the trip. The giving of thanks always seems to be something we can do without being afraid of failing.

The list of things we're thankful for reads like the menu of the Thanksgiving meal itself.

First, there's the main dish. We immediately think of turkey, even if we eat ham or tofu instead. The main dish of what I'm thankful for is God -- even though I'm not sure of what I mean when I say that word -- and that's part of what I'm thankful for. So thank you, God, for being a mystery I can never quite comprehend.

Mixed with the turkey is the dressing of family. At first glance, it's bland in appearance. But on closer inspection we discover a multicolored dish of inexplicably connected flavorful crumbs. The best dressing has good sharp onions in it. Like the family the dressing represents, this flavor reminds us it's sometimes the bite of what we love the most that makes it so good.

I'm even thankful for that wiggly red stuff on the dressing. I guess it represents the things we'll be served even if we don't like it. Since it's flopped on the dressing, we start learning about this flavor early on.

My next favorite part of the spread is the cornbread, which is simply a variation of dressing. Cornbread represents my closest friends. They're all connected like family, but just not as mushy, and easier to get ahold of.

Then there's the cream corn, where the individual pieces mix with the cream of themselves. These folks are not quite cornbread, but might become so with a little more time. These are the people I enjoy interacting with on a regular basis.

Next to the corn are the butter beans -- that little stockpile of similar individuals. These are the many people I don't really know at all but who nonetheless figure into my life one at a time.

A big glass of tea is essential. Like the talents the tea represents, this dark, musty liquid sometimes keeps me up at night.

It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving dinner without dessert. This sugar-filled concoction has a kinship to the sweet tea, and represents the people who read this story. While I wouldn't kick about not having it, this last wonderful flavor makes everything perfect. That's why I sometimes sneak in the kitchen and get a bite of dessert before I'm supposed to.

Now -- I'm about to pop. All I need is a little coffee and a short walk. This follow-up ritual helps me digest the list I just made.

After that, I'll wallow in the luxurious slumber of more blessings than I deserve. And about an hour later, I'll go have another plateful.
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Just as:

Curran's Shelley closely resembles Tilda Swinton

Even so does:

Rossetti's Burden (sometimes Siddal too) closely resemble Tom Stoppard
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Something the brain damaged student said in class today, a propos A Streetcar Named Desire:

"Stanley is Social Man but Mitch is Man Thinking, and women like Social Man better, it's evolutionary. But sometimes I think women look at Man Thinking and wonder, 'What is that man thinking?'"
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Some things I will never stop finding funny:

1. Peter Schilling's space lyrics.
2. That brilliant last fight scene in Rashomon.
3. Jeffrey Masson, even though he's probably right.
4. The bar flashback in Airplane!, specifically:
a. ...when the music starts playing.
b. ...the shirt being thrown back.
5. "The coconut-like sound of their three heads colliding secretly delighted the bird."/"Aw yeah!"
6. The girl and hermit conversing in Watcher in the Woods.
7. The Dilbert where the nerds have to role-play as women for sensitivity training.
8. British Parliamentary proceedings.
9. Old Spiderman cartoons.
10. Thomas Hardy's poetry.


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