Jan. 4th, 2016

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Twenty sixteen doesn't have a bad ring to it, but maybe that's just because twenty fifteen served as primer for most of its sound features. 2017 I'll get used to fast - it sounds like a chant at a rally or ballgame. 2018 I think I'll just have to find out how to be in from inside it, the way I did with Breaking Bad's title. I love a show whose title is awful isn't something you can admit to yourself, so instead you look hard for ways to see it differently. Walter White, Breaking Bad: alliteration and stresses in the same spots. Following its jean-baptiste Mad Men's but opening it like an accordion, showing the squish behind one of the punches, the face beneath the mask that flattens the face to masklike noface even as it is grown over by it and becomes truly face. Bad brothering Mad as Charlotte Lamb ambivalate-rhymed Byron, Swinburne Villon, making of ambivalence itself a form of semblabification, since the privilege of being complicated, self-contradictory, accepted despite unacceptability, innocent regardless of crime but also guilty absent proof we usually reserve for ourselves alone. The show breaks down how bad happens, shows how silly bad must still undo itself till broken, breaks apart bad into its guileless component atoms to see if there is evil somehow additive or if it's but a name for one more shift of things of earth. Or shows a man gone bad beneath so many pressures no one was the one. Or perhaps as in pool, that molecular game, there's no telling just who will go where till it does, so a ball might be honored as ball even if it flies clear off the table and fractures some nun's funny bone. And if no shark but only some wave did the breaking, that break is mere swerve. Pre Mad Manly pedigree alliter-luded also: Walt Whitman, White Whale, Great Gatsby, less likely (Bartleby Benito) Billy Budd (Magic Mountain maybe not; and Absalom Absalom! absolutely out). Just as no one is truly white etc. And of course the setting makes us think of the other Man-hattan, in some sense twin to Don Draper/Dick Whitman's exploding about the same time. Breaking the atom - did thst orove the atom bad? Destruction, fire, death the destroyer of worlds beneath any world's mask? Or merely that energy's all, Billy Blake's sweet delight, Hell the fun half of Heaven. And just as we watch to seek conflict, love conflict, we swearers by peace, the mere materials murdering turns-out-it's-man may meet their match in what's within, what leaps to shape the minute and inert to great and ghastly stormforms waking envy in the sky. And once the car metaphors show up and he finds he can't stop, then he's bra-- et cetera. Even a glob of crap can stick to interesting things.

Twenty nineteen may feel like a discount or a countdown, though a tick less urgently than nineteen eighteen. Twenty twenty I see clearly will be something else again. Twenty twenty-one a loss at cards. Twenty twenty two a multiple personalitied one man-woman romantic comedy show. Twenty twenty three evokes a contrarian guesser or unlucky straw-drawer. 2024 - Two steps two steps back in order to gain either linear or exponential momentum. Twenty twenty five every third thought will be thirty (every second of three of that not quite appropriate song, every first whether man will survive). Twenty twenty six I haven't met.


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