Sep. 19th, 2016

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Haven't been keeping up with new books in forever. But according to Amazon these things exist:

Crowley's Chemical Wedding (Fall)
Carson's Float (Fall; can't tell if this reprints Albertine and Cycladic)
Logue's full War Music
Osvaldi's Conversations with Borges (3rd v. upcoming)
Borges' Early Germanic Literature (a 1st volume?)
Hill's Peer Gynt (2017, packaged with his Brand)
A hardback of Dickinson's manuscripts
A Saramago called Skylight
Stoppard's Hard Problem

The two undertranslated Calvino books have been pushed forward again. I should check if they're out in the UK. Should also check that untitled McCarthy they keep listing mysteriously.

Among books I'm less likely to find time to read so should not even think about getting, that recent Zibaldone and the Frost Notebooks were both revised, as was the Master and Man translation by Pevear and Volokhonsky. The busy latter have also done House of the Dead, The Government Inspector, The Cherry Orchard, and Pushkin's prose since last I checked. Someone I haven't heard of tackled Hugo's religious epics. Library of America put out a Swenson volume and two Merwins. Strand put out a Collected, not sure if preposthumously though. Heaney translated The Aeneid's book 6. There's an Essential Goethe coming out, though it looks like merely a selection from the Princeton set. Looks like all the Arrowsmith Montale volumes were collected a few years ago. There's a big Eliot collection and a second volume of Frost letters.

No sign of the translation of Casares' Borges journals still. Nor of any Ammons omnibus.

Carson's Iphigeneia version is only c. 1.50 for some reason.


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