May. 26th, 2016

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Everything is got for nothing and then lost for nothing.

The only connection between these facts is that the loss is a part of the everything.

Of some other everything it might not have been a part.

Take death very personally. You don't owe anyone yours. The highwaymen hereabouts are simply thorough.

Take life very personally. You were chosen to belong exactly here, over all other candidates, and there were candidates past number. That no chooser made the choice means you were so right for the part there could be no choice. (Among the other just as true things that it means.)

Perspectivizing has its limits, true. But one set less than not.

If you knew what the world was made of you would never eat it. Unless you knew how to know what the world is made of while still eating it. Possibly you'll never acquire either knowledge. As possibly, you acquire bits of each one side by side. Those who leap from buildings are usually deeply hurt, not deeply informed. Being informed does not necessarily assuage hurts, of course. But it may season them.

Aphorisms shame the very stones. If the sun were to burst into song it would be less embarrassing.

We only tolerate the anonymous ones because a perpetratorless crime so resembles an accident.

When unanonymous we carefully credit those deserving the blame so it won't fall on us.

Aphorisms should watch what they say about aphorisms if they don't want to get hurt.

Aphorisms shouldn't make idle threats.

Aphorisms are got for close enough to nothing that they might not want to assume the world owes them a hearing.

Aphorisms are sorry.


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